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If you are a Website or Blog owner then you are invariably on the lookout for more Site traffic, if so please read on, because you will need the information within this blog… ‘How’ to ‘Write a article’!

Let’s face it; traffic is the hardest to acquire, but it is the lifeblood to your online success. Without substantial amounts of traffic it doesn’t matter how good your product or services are…no one will be any the wiser to their existence.

You are definitely not alone; every year countless Website owners wonder why their websites never see any real substantial amounts of traffic. Yet, there are a few various ways at your command, which will enable you to set about increasing the traffic that your Website needs.

The best news of all is that Writing a article’ and distributing it around the Net, is without doubt, among the best and easiest ways to increase your Website traffic.

Despite being easy to implement, the rewards may well be very considerable.

Webmasters use these systems in their Marketing programmers to great effect.

Writing a article then distributing them around involves the use of websites that are called ‘Article Directories’. Article directories are Website’s that host a large collection of articles. To make finding and reading those articles easier, most article directories place each of their articles into categories. Popular categories include education, business, cars, how-to, health, and travel.

The real fantastic thing about writing articles is the ability to place a link on the page pointing back to your websites, landing pages or sales page, and each time one of your links is clicked online users will be directed to your Website…this is commonly known as a ‘back link’. The more articles you distribute the more traffic you get back your Website = more ‘Profit’.

Although writing articles is a nice and easy way to generate Website traffic, there are a number of steps you should take before submitting your article… you wouldn’t want to wind up wasting your time.

Below are 5 steps to follow for writing effective articles:

1)Your first step should be to centre on a topic that you want to write about

For the best success, you will want to write on a topic or an issue that is related to your Website. Any article might increase the traffic to your Website, but you really want ’Targeted’. For example, if you are selling a service, like an answering service, then your article must centre on the benefits of using an answering service.

2) Once you have determine what the chief topic or focus of your articles will be, you will then need to examine how you will write them

If you end up having a challenging time understanding what to write, you may want to think about creating yourself an outline. An outline will act as a guide for you. An outline won’t only help you know what to write, but it will likewise help to ensure that you do not overlook any important information.

But if you’re still experiencing problems in writing your own articles, help is at hand…see below for more information.

3) Writing a Article

Your content should always be of help to your reader. Useful tips, how-to, advice and easy to read, will help to keep your reader focused and hopefully fascinated by your article. But, be very mindful of using technical words that various online users will not understand.

Tip: although your first thought may be to produce informational articles, you want to be cautious of providing too much information? It’s very important to get your readers to click on the links back to your Website. If your article contains too much information then they could have discovered what they needed, thus the call to see your Website will be unnecessary. You will need to leave your readers wanting more facts…always!!

4) What to do next

After compiling your article it’s absolutely essential that you thoroughly proofread it. You really do need to do this before you present your articles to any article directories. I know from personal experience that using online proofreaders can cost a lot of money; they tend to charge per 200 characters. So if you have a article that runs into say 1000 characters, then it will cost you.

Tip: Failing this you could try copying your article into a text speaking software; this would allow you to view your article through an unbiased voice, although it may be a computer generated voice, it will help you to catch any possible spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t really make sense, which will become obvious as the software worked its way through your text.

Now you can submit your article to Directories of your choosing.

5) You may think that your work is done, but it should not be

Article distribution is a great way to generate traffic, but it needs to be done on a regular basis. You may wish to set a target for yourself, like submitting at a bare minimum of five articles a month or even more. This will help to make sure that your readers are always given new, updated info to read and absorb. In point of fact, the more articles you distribute the more links you can create.

You may be astonished to learn that most ‘Article Directories’ will welcome you with open arms. In exchange for rendering them with free content, you will be getting back those free links to your Web site…thus increasing your traffic.

Remember above, I mentioned that there is a way around finding articles that you are able to utilize for your Website or blog should you get writers block, or have time restraints to write your own articles? Well Internet Websites likeezinearticles not only let’s you submit an article to their directory, but it permits you to copy their stored articles to use in your Sites, Blogs, or newsletters, without trademark © infringement. The only specification is to keep the authors links complete.

You can visit and read some of the articles I have written on other subjects for ezinearticles @ http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_Judge…enjoy



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